Why You Are Failing Online

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Lazy Profits Explosion Honest Review + Bonus

I was lucky enough to get a review copy of a brand new product called “Lazy Profits Explosion” which will be going Live on Thursday 11th August at 10am EST (3pm uk time) This course reveals a strategy being used to pull in over $10,000 per month without the need of a product, list or […]

Are you Selling Your Soul? (Episode 6)

This is something that I have been wanting to cover for quite some time. This is probably going to p*ss a lot of marketers off, especially the ones that are guilty of doing just thing. And perhaps I may also burn some bridges at the same time but quite frankly I don’t care. Make sure […]

Geared for Profits Honest Review + Hot Bonus

Geared for Profits Honest Review And Hot Bonus Today I’m going through a new course called Geared for Profits, which is coming out on Thursday May 5th at 9AM EST. This course is designed to be a super simple way anyone who wants to generate $100+ per day online by following a proven system that I […]

How to Cash in On Hot Trends Online

Have you ever imagined how great it would be if you were the first person to spot a Hot trend online and cashed in on it Big time? Just imagine if you spotted a hot trending kids toy that sold on amazon? Just imagine if you spotted a hot trending niche that everyone was going […]

Facebook Traffic Hack Honest Review and Bonus

Facebook Traffic Hack Honest Review And Bonus Today I’m going through a new course called Facebook Traffic Hack, which is coming out on Thursday, April 28th at 9AM EST. This course is designed to be a super simple way anyone who wants to generate $150 – $200 per day using facebook with just 20 minutes of […]

How to make the transition from a full time job to full time online (episode 5)

Being able to work from home full time and make a full time income online is what most people are trying to achieve and maybe that’s what you’re trying to do as well. It can be a lot harder than you first think though because you need to be making enough money online to cover […]

How to Correctly Use Youtube to Build Your Income (Episode 4)

Youtube is a great platform for you to use to make money and build your authority and business but you must do it in the right way otherwise it could set you back years. In this weeks weekly wise words video we discuss the best way to use youtube for profits and to best leverage […]

Failing Forward (Episode 3)

In this weeks weekly wise words video we cover failing forward. This is something that happens to just about everyone at some point but the secret is knowing what to do and how to keep moving forward. If you would like to shorten your learning curve then we have lots of training material in our […]

Are Solo Ads Dead? (Episode 2)

Recently I have been getting a lot of people ask me if I still use solo ads to build my lists and if I think solo ads are dead? This is episode 2 of our weekly wise words where I’m going to explain what is really happening with solo ads and if they are dying […]

How to Actually Make Money on the Internet (Episode 1)

Welcome to the very first episode of weekly wise words. Over the last 8 years of doing this crazy Internet stuff I have built up a tonne of knowledge all related to Internet marketing and I thought this would be a great to give something back to my subscribers and customers. We will be covering […]

Is It Really Possible to Make $5 – $10k per Month as An Amazon Affiliate?

Is it possible? I mean that’s a lot of money to make per month online just as an amazon affiliate right? Yes it’s certainly possible but what is even better is pretty much anyone could do this for themselves. Before I tell you more about this amazon affiliate strategy first take a look at the […]

January 2016 Membership Income Report

Welcome to the first official update of this $10k per month case study by January 2017. Firstly here’s a quick breakdown on what has been happening in January and what I have been working on. January was the first month of the official start of my $10k per month case study by this time next […]

How it Sounds to Others When I Explain What I Do Online

I often get the question “so Paul what do you do?” 99% of the time people never understand or have any clue what I’m talking about. Watch this video below.. This is how it probably sounds every time I tell someone what I do online.. pmsl (I have absolutely no idea what this guy is […]

December 2015 Membership Income Report

So..here goes. I’m putting my reputation on the line here. I could end up falling flat on my face and end up looking like a right bloody idiot. Who cares though lol. I know I will be giving it a really good go so if I get to January 2017 and I’m not at $10k per […]