Are you Selling Your Soul? (Episode 6)

This is something that I have been wanting to cover for quite some time.

This is probably going to p*ss a lot of marketers off, especially the ones that are guilty of doing just thing.

And perhaps I may also burn some bridges at the same time but quite frankly I don’t care.

Make sure you watch the whole video and take note on what I tell you.



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  1. Hi Paul

    I”m a complete newbie. The moment that I thing now I know how to set up everything than there came something up that had me so confuse.

    I want to register my domain on my name www. to built my brand and trust. I had a lot of PLR product that I want to rework to make it completely new. Now here is where I get completely confuse. You must register a domain name for your end product as well but how did you get this two domains together now. Your customer must now who you are and what you product is about.

    Please Paul can you help

  2. Hey Paul, watched your video and loved it. What you speak is TRUTH. I am on the list of many “guru” type marketers that do the same churn and burn marketing to me. I honestly only stay on their list to see what’s the latest affiliate offers out there so I can possible promote it myself if I think it would help my list.

    Burning out your list is really short-sighted and just annoys your subscribers. I know because I started out doing that until I realized there’s a better way. Don’t just send them offers, send them free training that helps them move forward in their business and monetize the training with solutions that actually help them – create the NEED!

    Anyways, always great to watch your stuff and keep them coming!


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