The Middle Man Cash Method

Today I have a really cool method that I want to share with you for creating some fast profits online. I really did think about not giving this method away on this blog because it’s very valuable and effective and hardly no one is doing it but as you know I love to give away […]

How to Generate a Boat Load of Unlimited FREE Lazer Targeted Traffic in Any Niche

I want to share a really simple traffic method with you today that you can start to use right away to drive lazer targeted visitors back to your website, blog or squeeze page. We all need more traffic right? And you know what that means. More traffic = more money 🙂 This is a technique […]

2 Powerful Keyword Research Tools for Putting Your Content Creation on Steroids

Recently I have been playing around with a couple of new keyword research tools which I have found on my travels and I must admit they are pretty damn good. The foundation to any type of content that you create online is keyword research and targeting the right types of keywords for your niche site, […]

TK Chin Interviews Me

Here is a recording when TK Chin Interviewed me. I was asked a lot of questions and I give away a tonne of free info which I’m sure you can pick up lots of things which will help you in your business. Some of the topics that we covered on this call were: List Building […]

Internet Marketing Lessons – 5 Yrs and Over $20k Spent, Heres What I have Learned

I have been in Internet Marketing for almost 5 years and in that time I have spent over $20k on IM education such as ebooks, video courses, traffic courses, private coaching, coaching courses, WSO`s, clickbank products you name it I have bought it. I spent most of this money though within the first couple of […]

13 Proven Ways How to Make Money Online

When it comes to creating an income online there are many different ways that you can do it, some are very effective and very profitable and others are a complete waste of time. Back in my early days as an Internet Marketer where I was always thinking which direction I should go in I came […]

How to Make $50 – $100 per day – My Article Fast Cash Method Revealed

Today I`m going to show you a cool strategy for making $50 – $100 per day using clickbank. It`s a very simple method but it`s very effective. If you`re still trying to create an income online but you don`t have enough experience to create your own products then this money making strategy is for you. […]

How to Make Money Online Fast – My Clickbank Sniper Method Revealed

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you will know that I don`t have time for any “fluff and hype” and this post will be no different. Everything which I tell you or give you advice about I have done it myself. Before we get into the meat of the […]

Is SEO Dead?, and Can You Still Build Profitable Niche Sites?

A couple of months back google implemented there new algorithm update named “penguin” and this update effected a lot of niche marketers, affiliate marketers and many website owners in general. Some niche marketers have been effected by the penguin so bad that they have had to change there business model so that they are not just […]

How to Find Solo Ads that are NOT in the Internet Marketing Niche

Over the last few months there has been a particular question that has been constantly coming up and people have been asking the same question over and over. I sometimes hang out at the warrior forum and this is where this particular question keeps coming up. How can I Find Solo Ads that are NOT […]

Penguin Friendly Adsense Tool

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks then you would of noticed or heard that google have made another update The “Google Penguin Update“ Theres been a lot of people complaining in forums (as usual) when ever theres a new google update but as always people will move on […]

2 Killer Ways to Find Red Hot Keywords and Niches

I have two great little ways that I want to share with you how to find more keywords for your niche. The type of keywords that you can find using these two methods can be “Red Hot” keywords. This first method is very effective and a great way for finding current keywords that are being […]

How to Check Google For Competition in 5 Easy Steps

Ive got something really cool that I want to share with you which is going to really help you when it comes to checking google for competition. As you probably know yahoo stopped providing back link data a few months ago which has made competition analyisis a bit more tricky Ive been using SEO Quake […]

82 Year Old Internet Marketer Building Affiliate Sites

I received an email earlier this week which really upset me and wanted to make a quick post about it because I feel its very important One of the main reasons why most people give up internet marketing is because there is so much information and dis-information out there and so much to learn that […]

Are You a GOOGLE Slave or Have You Built a MUSE??

hey hows it going its been a while since my last blog post i know, but ive been busy with a new project and im happy and relieved to say that ive actually finished it now. Today`s blog post i have something that i really want and need to get off my chest because it`s […]