How I Smashed a 20 Year Record and Almost Had to Quit Internet Marketing

Today I’m going to share a bit of a funny story with you. At first I wasn’t sure if I should tell it because it’s quite embarrassing and not something that I was exactly proud of but it happened and it’s just one of those things. This kind of explains how determined I was to […]

Would you Die on a TreadMill?

If the title doesn’t make sense it will after watching one of these videos. Today I want to share with you one of my favorite videos and another one which explains about why having grit is so powerful. These are in no particular order but watch them both because there are many very valuable things […]

Internet Marketing Success – Are You Tough Enough?

I often come across some cool videos along my travels and recently I came across a great little video by Frank Kern where he explains exactly what you need to be doing to see success online. I like watching Franks videos because like me, he doesn`t have time for any of the BS and says […]

Selling Your Own Products Online – Are You Scared of It?

This post may hit a bit of a nerve but at the same time it may give you the wake up call that you need so sit back grab a coffee and enjoy. When it comes to creating an income online there are literally dozens of ways to make money but there is only 1 […]

The 1 Most Important Skill of Achievers

Have you ever suffered from shiny object syndrome? I call it the dreaded SOS You know… buying every new product that comes out? I will admit I certainly did when I first started out When I first got into Internet marketing back in 2008 I spent a fair bit of money jumping from program to […]

Internet Marketing Success – How Bad Do You Want it?

Would you like to be successful with internet marketing? If I was to ask all of the internet marketing community “would you like to be successful?” I would be very surprised if I got anyone reply to me with “No” The main question we need to ask ourselves right now is “How bad do you […]