Colossal PLR Review + Special Bonus

This new course “Colossal PLR” is a brand new PLR package that I have put together which contains x33 of my best Internet marketing training products that have in total generated $235,098.52 and made over 22,000 online sales from just one marketplace. Within these x33 products are all of my most recent products that I have created and released in 2017 too.

You can use this entire PLR package to sell the products as your own, keep 100% of the profits plus build huge buyers lists at the same time.

In the video below I will be reviewing my new course “Colossal PLR” which will be going Live on Tuesday 13th June at 10am EST (3pm uk time) and here’s more information + a sneek peek inside on what you get.

>> Grab Colossal PLR Here + My Custom Bonus PLR Video <<


>> Grab Colossal PLR Here + My Custom Bonus PLR Video <<

Main Course Price $37 (price will increase every sale made)

Colossal PLR Main Course

Colossal PLR is a huge package of x33 of my best Internet marketing training products which you can sell as your own and keep 100% of the profits and at the same time build huge buyers lists.

You get all of my products that I have released over the last few years plus all of my most recent products from the last 6 months too. ย Most of the products are in video and there is over 200+ videos in total.

You also get sales copy, graphics and sales videos for all of the products that have them.

The total value of this huge PLR package is well over $12,000+ and not forgetting the time which you would save having to create products yourself.

You can use these products to create front end offers, upsells, back end offers, you can combine the products, re-launch them on other networks and even put the products into a members only area and charge monthly for them.

The options are endless.

Upgrade 1: Video Coaching Series with PLR

This is my coaching video series which teaches you how to go from zero to making $100, $200, and even $500+ per day online. There are 20 modules in the first section and 10 more modules in the advanced section. What I reveal in this course is exactly how I have built my own online business from zero to $5k – $10k+ per month online and how you can do the same. You can use this course yourself to go through and use it, or you could sell it as a product in your business to your own customers and keep 100% of the profits.

You get PLR rights to this video coaching series and it makes a perfect product to sell as a back end or high ticket offer in your business to really increase your income in your business.

You can use this course yourself, study it and use what I teach you to make a lot more money online or you could sell it online as your own and make money from it that way instead. Or you could do both so it’s a win-win.



In Summary

This is a PLR package that will help you to get set up and on the road to success much faster then trying to create everything yourself. Just imagine how much easier it would be if you had x33 products that you could start using from today to start making money from?

Even if you are unsure about how to do certain things you can go through a lot of the products yourself to learn how to do it so it’s a win-win.

This is a truly unique PLR package as I have actually sold these products myself and still do for quite a few of them so you know that they already sell well and have made good money. There is still tonnes more sales still to be made though as I have barely even penetrated 0.02% of the market with these products. It’s wide open for you to go out there and cash in with this PLR package and start seeing results and income this week.

If you are serious about picking up this PLR package please make sure you grab it quick because the price will be going up very quickly.

>> Grab Colossal PLR Here + My Custom Bonus PLR Video <<


PLR Bonus

If you pick up a copy of my Huge PLR Package then you will also get the bonus PLR video which will walk you through the best and fastest way to get started and set up making money in the fastest possible time. There are many short cuts and powerful strategies that I use to get a lot more traffic and making more money when selling products online and this will all be revealed to you in this bonus video.

>> Grab Colossal PLR Here + My Custom Bonus PLR Video <<


  1. Amazing offer Paul, may i please ask how much the upgrade#1 will be? thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Very good offer Paul.Thanks.I must say you are one of the honest fellows out there.

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