Commission Cobra Review + Super Bonus

This new course called “Commission Cobra”  you get 13 videos showing you how to earn 6 figures per year through Ninja list building and affiliate marketing.

Plus you also get 100 high quality bonuses with your own bespoke graphics – perfect for affiliate promotions to start earning today.

And also you get some cool software too which helps you to generate free traffic.

Whenever I see claims of 6 figures per year and people telling you what they do I am always very skeptical because there is a lot of theory that gets thrown around but very few people actually do what they tell you they do. I was lucky enough to get a copy of this new course and I have gone through it to see if it is as good as it sounds on the surface.

In the video below I will be reviewing this new course “Commission Cobra” and here’s what I found + a sneek peek inside the members area.

Only 75 Only 41 Super Bonuses Left

>> Grab the Commission Cobra Income System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

>> Grab the Commission Cobra Income System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

Only 75 Only 41 Super Bonuses Left

Main Course – You get x13 videos + x100 high quality bonuses + traffic software


Main course price – $17 (earlybird is for the first 5 hours early and then price rises from there)


Upgrade 1 –  ($9.95) – monthly membership

Upgrade 2 –  ($297) – lifetime membership

Upgrade 3 – (147) License rights

Upgrade 4 – ($197) – 4x Coaching calls + x10 previous coaching calls



In Summary:

I thought the course itself is very high quality and very good value for money as you get tonnes of content. You get x13 training videos showing the 6 figure blueprint, x100 bonuses and also the traffic software.

The members area is laid out really well and everything is easy to understand.

The things that I feel let the course down though is that you are mainly only shown things to do with being an affiliate. Making money as an affiliate is good but you are not shown the bigger picture as a whole business. Plus a couple of vital strategies are missed out which makes me a lot of money.

However, with my super bonus package I have put together a whopper of a deal for you where I reveal some killer strategies and tactics that I could charge a lot of money for and I covered the things which I felt like were missed out from the course so this will really make this a brilliant package to grab. These are things which I use to make over 6 figures per year online.

In my super bonus package I’m giving you 4 powerful bonuses which have made me tens of thousands.

Check out my super bonus package below:

>> Grab the Commission Cobra Income System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

Only 75 Only 41 Super Bonuses Left

Your Super Bonus Package

I have put together a brand new bonus package for the first 75 people ONLY that pick up a copy of the Commission Cobra” from this Blog. This is a unique bonus package which I have created just for customers that purchase the Commission Cobra from this blog and this will give you “the edge” over 99% of other people that purchase this new course.

BONUS 1In this bonus I’m going to give you my complete affiliate system and how I made over $50,000 in 2017 just as an affiliate

BONUS 2 I’m also going to reveal the one thing you must be doing if you want to build an air tight income that you are in complete control over. (Ever since I started using this my income has gone through the roof)

BONUS 3I’m also going to give you my blueprint how I have gone from a few hundred per month to 6 figures per year and how you can do the same if you do what I have done.

BONUS 4 – Plus as a special bonus I’m going to show you how to cash in when selling your own stuff online too. You can see from my video that I have made over $307,000 (over quarter of a million dollars and this is just from one platform)

>> Grab the Commission Cobra Income System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

These bonuses will all be waiting for you in the download area and will give you a massive advantage over anyone else that grabs this traffic training.

This super bonus package will be gone VERY QUICKLY because I’m only allowing 75 bonus package copies to be given away as I don’t want to give away too many copies so make sure you pick up the course asap to secure your super bonus package spot.

Closing ThoughtsThe course itself is worth a lot more than the $17 price tag especially with the extra 100 bonuses + the traffic software and plus my extra 4 super bonuses.

The price is a complete no-brainer especially with all of my extra bonuses that I am throwing in here too, this really is a steal of a deal. Just make sure you pick up a copy quickly as I am only giving away 75 bonuses so don’t miss out.

Once you have purchased the course your bonuses will be waiting for you in the download area or just email me at “” and I will send them to you.

Grab your copy below..

Only 75 Only 41 Super Bonuses Left

>> Grab the Commission Cobra Income System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<


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    I purchased through your link, here are my details. Hello Paul Mueller,
    We’ve processed your payments.

    It may take a few moments for these transactions to appear in the Recent Activity list on your Account Overview.

    Payment details

    Receiver email:
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    Please send you bonuses.

    • Paul Nicholls says:

      hey Paul, your bonus is in the download area

      No problem though I will send it over to you if you can’t find it

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