Growii – Real Case Study How to Build $100 – $300 per Month Passive Income Machines From a Tiny $10 Investment


When you start out doing all this crazy make money online stuff it’s difficult to often know where to start and what to focus your efforts on because there are so many models and systems to use. This happened to me many years ago so I know exactly what it’s like.

What you need to focus on though is getting to just $10 – $20 per day then $30 then $40 then $50 per day etc and forget the big numbers at first but you also really need to be using some type of a formula which doesn’t require you to have to spend much in order to make good money back either.

This is how I started. I built niche sites and got free traffic to my sites and made money from adsense and affiliate products.

This is why the Growii system caught my eye because you can make anywhere from $100 – $300 per month in passive income and with all free traffic and the whole thing only costs you the price of a starbucks coffee and a bagel.  This is a very clever model and doesn’t require you to have any special skills to get things going and that’s why I liked this so much.

In the video below I will be reviewing the new course “Growii” which will be going Live on Friday Feburary 3rd at 10am EST (3pm uk time) and here’s what I found + a sneek peek inside

>> Grab the Growii Income System + My Custom Bonus Package Here <<



>> Grab the Growii Income System + My Custom Bonus Package Here <<

Earlybird Details:

Main Course Price $6.95  – First 4 hours

(3rd Feb 10 AM EST – 2 PM EST)

Price will start to increase after the 4 hours is up 25 cents every 6 hours

Growii Main Course

The Growii course is a powerful case study showing exactly how to create simple blogs that churn out passive commissions month after month and make anywhere from $100 – $300 each per month. The step by step video training will reveal how you can set this up for yourself and get very similar results in a short amount of time.

The great thing is though you don’t just rely on seo for traffic as you are shown 3 effective free traffic strategies that work very well.

This course is suitable for newbies, beginners and anyone either wanting to create an income online or anyone wanting to add an extra stream of income to their current business.

Upgrade 1: Growii Case Study Bundle + DFY

With this extra package you get additional case studies of visitors being obtained using other traffic methods, additional monetization tactics and additional niches. You also get a Done-For-You pack to make your life much easier. In my experience any additional case studies are always very useful to get hold of and also done for you packs and campaigns will save you a lot of time too when getting things going. I recommend to pick this up if you really want to get things going and built super quick and not have to do everything yourself.

Upgrade 2 – Growii Rapid Traffic Upgrade

With this extra package you get another awesome case study with paid traffic (Facebook ads) that shows how to get clicks for fractions of a penny and driving that traffic to your website. Very few people are doing this out there and even less people are teaching it. Facebook is a great way to drive more traffic to your site and this extra training will help you to do it for dirt cheap. If you have just a few bucks to spend then I recommend this extra package but if you want to stick to just free traffic for now then just pick up the first extra package only.


In Summary:

This is a brilliant and easy to follow course and is worth 20x more than what you pay for it. Not only does this model quite clearly work very well but it can be used by pretty much anyone even if you are not very technical and also this can be adopted and used in any niche too. So if you’re looking for a way to make anywhere from $100 per month to $300+ per month in passive income and you can follow a few simple steps then make sure you check this out.

You are shown how to set everything up plus how to drive free traffic to your sites using some effective strategies. A very good course and one that can be used for your main income online or you can use it to generate extra income into your business as well.

>> Grab the Growii Income System + My Custom Bonus Package Here <<


I have put together a special exclusive bonus package just for those that pick up a copy of this course through my link above or below.

My Growii bonus package is limited to only the first 40 people that grab this course through my link. These are powerful extra strategies that you can use in combination with the main Growii course to make this way more powerful and to make a lot more income from your sites. I spent over 2 years making my full time income from niche sites and blogs so I have lots of golden nuggets to share with you in these bonuses that I have NEVER shared before with anyone..

Bonus 1 – The best way to design your site for free without any extra costs and how I do it

Bonus 2 – How to best monetize your traffic to earn income

Bonus 3 – My favorite way to generate traffic to your site for free (I will show you one of my own pages and how it works)

These bonuses will be available for the first 40 people who get the Growii course and your bonuses will be waiting for you in the download area

>> Grab the Growii Income System + My Custom Bonus Package Here <<

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