How I Smashed a 20 Year Record and Almost Had to Quit Internet Marketing

internet marketing tipsToday I’m going to share a bit of a funny story with you.

At first I wasn’t sure if I should tell it because it’s quite embarrassing and not something that I was exactly proud of but it happened and it’s just one of those things.

This kind of explains how determined I was to succeed online and the things that I did just to make a bit of money online and see results.

It was August in the summer of 2008.

I had been online now for around 8 months.

I had started in January playing a bit of online poker trying to make enough money to just get by and pay the bills but if you have ever tried playing poker online to make profit then you will know it’s NOT easy.

I ditched trying to make money from poker and then from March 2008 I started joining lots of these programs and money making business opportunities online that I had found on youtube.

Back in 2008 youtube was the place to be and if you were trying to make any type of money online then youtube was where you had to be.

There was huge traffic and massive potential for online marketers if you knew what you were doing.

Today youtube is still good but back then it was new and pretty un-touched by most online marketers so this was where I started to spend a lot of my time online.

One of the things that most people struggle with online was TRAFFIC.

Getting traffic to your offers, blog or websites has always been a problem and back then it was no different but with youtube getting traffic was pretty easy.

All you needed to do was upload lots of videos, get them ranked for some fairly competitive keywords using some simple techniques and you would generate a tsunami of traffic to anywhere that you wanted by adding your link in the sidebar of your video.

I became a youtube addict.

Every day I would spend as many hours as I could on youtube creating videos and trying to rank for multiple keywords.

You know, the keywords that lots of people type in things “how to make money online”, “make money on the internet”, “work from home jobs” etc etc.

There were literally dozens if not hundreds of keywords that you could target that send good traffic.

It was like taking candy from a baby 🙂

I did all this while juggling my full time job at the time working as a landscape gardener and carpenter.

I used to get up in the mornings an hour or so before I started work to do some work online and then I would get home around 6pm and work online again till around 1 – 3 am in between going to the gym.

Things were going well and I started making money and the traffic started to build.

I quickly realized that if I wanted to make more money then I had to hit things in volume so this was when I opened up lots more youtube accounts and begun uploading more videos across multiple youtube accounts.

This worked well and my traffic increased even more and my money kept increasing too.

To give you a bit of an idea of my earnings I was making between $100 – $200 per week which at the time I was really happy with. That’s like $600 – $800 which is nothing to sniff at especially after only being online for around 6 months.

Things were going well but something then happened…

I was at a point where things were going ok but my traffic had started to drop a little.

This made me a bit mad so I had to investigate and see what was going on.

I found that many of my videos that I had ranked in the top 3 for some competitive keywords in youtube had suddenly taken a nose dive.

Most of them were now towards the bottom of page 1 of youtube which is no good.

If you wanted the big traffic you needed to be in the top 3 spots.

Up to now, the way I used to get top rankings on youtube was I used to add around 50 views by using an auto refresh plugin and then used my other accounts to add 5 stars (at the time back then we had a star rating system for videos, these days you simply like it) Old school!!!

Plus I used to share the video.

I did all this using my other youtube accounts and this did up till this point used to get my top rankings on youtube.

But it seemed like those days were over.

I needed to up my game.

I needed to pull something out of the bag and quick otherwise my income was going to dwindle away and that was not going happen.

What I did next was responsible for our house hold getting a 20 year record and almost getting banned from our Internet service provider and I almost had to quit Internet Marketing for good


Anyway…. One of the things that I quickly realized was all of my videos were being out ranked by similar videos but there was one difference.

The views.

Yep, the new videos that had taken my top spots had a lot of views.

I’m not talking hundreds.

I’m talking thousands.

Tens of thousands.

So this was what I had to do.

It was quite clear that the youtube algorithm ranked videos higher if they had more views and not only the number of views but how fast those views were added after the video was uploaded to youtube.

The sense behind this was that youtube would rank popular videos higher so that more people can see it since a lot of people are already watching it.

Another huge benefit of getting lots of views to your videos quickly after they are uploaded is you can get on the “most popular videos today” which will send you another avalanche of traffic.

So my mission was to increase my video views into the thousands with every video I uploaded to youtube.

The way I did it was I used an auto refresh plugin that basically kept reloading and playing the video in order to increase the views.

It was wasn’t any fancy software just some tool you could download to your pc for free.

The next morning I started.

I uploaded my next video and within minutes I started stacking the views.


Within 15 mins I had got up to 200 views.

Within an hour over 1000.

This was bloody awesome.

I kept doing this all day with every new video that I uploaded.

At the end of that day I had uploaded around 15 new videos and all had at least 15k views on lol

Each day for the next week I was doing this.

I would go to work in the morning and leave my computer running stacking up the youtube views.

I would open up about 20 tabs each with a video and I would increase the views on each one.

I would get home and my youtube videos would be on fire.

I had tens of thousands of views.

I was getting multiple daily awards for most viewed and most popular which would in turn send me tons of real traffic and visitors.

Things were absolutely crazy.

I was making good money, around $200 – $300 per week.

But then something happened.

My competitors turned it up a notch.

We were all competing for mega high competition keywords on google like “work from home” and “make money online”

They started out ranking me yet again.

I was like “what the hell”

I quickly realized that they were adding more views than me.

So this was what I did.

This time we were playing with the big boys.

This time it wasn’t a few thousand views it was hundreds of thousands of views.

The next day I uploaded some more videos and this time I opened around 20 tabs again but this time only focusing on a few videos.

I used to leave the views building all day and eventually all night.

(My poor little laptop was in overdrive)

Within a few days the views were in the hundreds of thousands.

It was complete chaos, crazy and I have never seen so much traffic in my life.

I had awards coming out of my ears and so much traffic going to my affiliate offers and business opportunity programs that I started to get emails from the owners wondering what I was doing because I had almost crashed their servers.

I was now making $500 – $600+ per week.

This is how things went on for a few more weeks.

I remember thinking “I wonder how long this will continue for”

By this time it had been a few months since I started all this youtube stuff.

I had learned a tonne of stuff and made some nice money at the same time.

But then one evening as I was uploading some more new videos my Mum came up to see me.

Back in 2008 (around 6 years ago now) I was still living with my parents and working from my bedroom.

My Mum come up to have a word with me.

What she told me was kind of embarrassing and at the same time quite funny.

She has a call from our Internet service provider and she was told that we would soon be cut off from using their service because our Internet usage was too high.

She asked me “what the hell are you doing online?”

In case you don’t know the average household Internet usage is around 10 – 30 GB per month.

Our usage was 997 GB lol

We were told that in 20 years no one has ever reached anywhere near that.

We were told that if this happens again they would ban us from their service for good.

This meant my Internet marketing dream was dead.

They have a fair usage policy but what I was using I guess wasn’t very fair 🙂

Over the coming days and weeks I had to really tone down what I was doing online and had to take a big drop in earnings at the same time.

It was fun while it lasted and a bit of a learning experience at the same time.

So what was the point of this story Paul?

Well what you need to take away from this story is you are going to make some mistakes online, you won’t always know how to do things the right way and you may often really cock things up.

At the same time remember that the most important thing you can do is just take action and do something. If you sit there and think of all the reasons why you shouldn’t do something you will never do anything.

Do I now use youtube like I did back then?

No of course not but I did learn how to create and upload youtube videos along with lots of other valuable things which have served me well with pushing my business forward online.

I hope you liked this little story that I have shared.

Have you got any similar stories that have happened to you online? Let me know below.

You know the routine, leave any feedback or comments below 🙂

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  1. Great story Paul! I just recently purchased one of your products and have had some time to look through your site. I love this story – and you’re absolutely right – just take action! We often (myself included) overthink everything and never end up doing anything because of fear. Thanks for my little piece of daily inspiration today.

  2. Haha great story Paul! Your Mum was probably a little worried about you!

    Totally agree though. We all go through hard and sometimes embarrassing lessons. I still screw up and make mistakes. But it’s all part of life. Live and learn!

  3. First ISP I was with disconnected us because I was running bot posts to forums with a link to a pay per view site (I was 13). I made about $250 from that spam… parents were thrilled :D. I just wish I realised the power of making money online then. Instead when they disconnected us, just went and did something else with my time instead of figuring out legit ways to do it.

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