How Much Pain Are You Willing to Go Through?

Today is Friday 27th January 2017 and I’m just 2 days away from doing something that I both love and hate.

(more on that in just a moment)

Well firstly, if you have been on any of my email lists for any length of time or you have been following Paul Nicholls Blog then you will know that I love to keep fit and ย lead a very active lifestyle.

Working from home in my home office is great and I wouldn’t change it for the world but one of the downsides is you can easily get lazy if you don’t keep active because sitting down for hours at a time behind your desk is not exactly burning many calories now is it..

I go to the gym most days and also like to run and go for jogs and because I live on the seaside we have a beach right next to use so I often go for jogs down the beach during the week too.

Keeping fit and doing all this training is great and all that but in my experience it’s best to have some kind of a goal or target so that you can keep on track and not lose motivation and this Sunday 29th January 2017 I will be taking part in Tough Guy 2017.

Here’s a picture from Tough Guy January 2014

Tough Guy is a 15k obstacle course here in the uk located in a small place called Perton England on a huge farm. This obstacle race has been going since 1987 but unfortunately this Sunday will be their last after 30 years. (boo hoo) but we will be going out in style with a predicted 6,000+ entries

This will be my 3rd Tough Guy Event. I first did it in Jan 2014, Jan 2016 and also this weekend will be Jan 2017. I also do other obstacle courses through out the year too all around the country but the Tough Guy Race is certainly the most painful.

Now..although this is an obstacle course and it sounds fun, (it is to a degree) it’s also the most painful thing and experience I have ever put myself through in my life.

January here in the uk is the coldest time of the year so it’s complete agony.

(my first tough guy in 2014 I was very close to hypothermia and after I had finished I was given a blanket and stood in a stable and had 7 cups of hot chocolate and a pack of chocolate biscuits but had violent shakes and I think I spilled most of the hot chocolate on the floor, I then couldn’t warm up for a week afterwards either, I have never felt like that ever)

Around 20% of entrants every year fail to even finish.

Sounds wonderful doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚ I will explain why I like to do this type of thing and how it helps me in my business in just a moment but first take a look at this video below which gives you more of an insight as to what happens.



So why do I do this and how does this help my business online?

Well, working online and building an Internet business can be tough and extremely lonely. You may already know this yourself.

I spent years working from a bedroom in my parents house from 2008 to around 2012 and it was a very depressing time in my life and I almost quit about a dozen times.

Even when you start to succeed online and see a bit of success and some results you can still get those inner demons which tell you to just quit and give up because you’re still struggling a lot more than you think you should be even after you have put in a lot of work already.

Sometimes it can actually get worse when you start to make a bit of money because when you’re not making as much as you should be making this can often be worse than not making any at all.

This is a journey that we all have to go through and some stick it out while others give up.

Taking all that into account, doing events like Tough Guy help me to build more mental strength and it makes you reach far into your soul and break through mental barriers that you never thought were even possible.

Also it makes you realize how lucky we are to live in such good times where we have our nice warm homes to go to, our nice warm cars to transport us everywhere, warm clothes to wear and be able to keep clean each day. These are just basic things to most people and we often forget how lucky we are and Tough Guy makes helps you to keep your feet on the ground and not lose sight of all the simple and small things in life that most forget.

Of course the physical side is a huge benefit too, not only the training that you need to do before entering something like this but also the stamina and endurance that it takes too just to be able to finish the course.

Every time I have done Tough Guy I have finished but had cramp in my waist down because of the sheer cold but still managed to cross the finish line in a fairly good time.

So I hope you can now kind of understand why it’s so important to build mental and physical strength when building your own business because you will be tested both mentally and physically at many different times on your journey.

Building your own Internet based business and working from home is great but you need to be prepared to through hell sometimes and then more importantly you need to have the mental strength to keep going even when you feel like crying.

I have spoke to many people over the years and a lot of them have simply given up their Internet marketing dream because it was too tough and they could not handle the course and decided to go back to things where they made sense and where they were comfortable.

But in the end it’s worth it, when you’re working from home for yourself and making money while your out doing fun stuff and your business is building on auto-pilot and payments are coming into your accounts while you sleep and you can go to the gym when you want to, go out for lunch when you want to, go on holiday when you want to you will look back and know it was worth it.

Just remember when it comes to improving your own life and situation – if something is easy to learn it’s generally not worth learning

Of course I’m not saying you or everyone has to do what I do but keeping active, healthy and fit are very important if you plan on having the best chance of success in your business moving forward and hitting your goals.


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  1. Wow – hope you did as well as you were expecting or even better.
    This looks extremely challenging.
    You are definitely a Tough Guy!
    Get warm soon,

    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Hi Robert

      Finished it yesterday and yes very painful as always but I’m done now, done it 3 times now but no more I’m retiring from winter obstacle races ๐Ÿ™‚

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