How to Correctly Use Youtube to Build Your Income (Episode 4)

Youtube is a great platform for you to use to make money and build your authority and business but you must do it in the right way otherwise it could set you back years. In this weeks weekly wise words video we discuss the best way to use youtube for profits and to best leverage all of the traffic that you get from it.

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Great video, some very sound advice! It really makes sense not to rely heavily on one traffic source.
    I really like how you explain things. I have recently watched your 12 videos in Avalanche List Building and they were excellent, great in depth info. You not only show “how” but “why” as well.

  2. I’m curious why you hadn’t uploaded this video to Youtube so you can get some money out of it too? Besides organic traffic

    • Paul Nicholls says:

      It’s because Cornel youtube can be very unpredictable so this is why I use my own video players so I know my videos will never get taken down and I will never have to waste time re-uploading anything in the event that I ever lose my youtube channel.

      As I say in the video, youtube does serve a purpose and is a good platform but when you’re running a serious business you can’t afford to take any chances. I like to have full control over everything I do this way my business is a lot more air tight.

  3. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, have different streams of income.

    Great Video.

    • Paul Nicholls says:

      yes Dave absolutely but more importantly not to rely to heavily on youtube and especially not build a complete business on there either 🙂

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