How to Make $400 – $3000 per month Providing a Simple In Demand Service

offline marketing money making ideasThis post will be about how you can make some extra money and income by not focusing all your efforts online. The reason why I decided to do this was just recently a fellow marketer Shaun from a small forum which I am part of announced that he would be getting away from working online and instead working more on his offline business which is providing garden maintenance as he has a building background because he likes to be around people and being out in the open.

As I have come from a similar back ground of working on building sites and doing general building work I know exactly what Shaun means. I spent years slugging away on muddy building sites and doing building work but these days I spend a few hours each day on my computer working on my Internet business so it’s certainly been a big change for me what I’m doing now in comparison to what I was doing before and I know myself it can be hard to adapt.

Spending so many hours in front of our computers we sometimes start to feel like we should be spending more time outside. After all, most of us get into Internet Marketing so that we can spend more time doing the things which we enjoy but getting to that stage is not straight forward and does take work.

So what I thought I would do is put together this post to help anyone that is in a similar situation to Shaun and show you exactly how you can easily build a good income working with offline businesses in your local area and not just think that you have to spend every waking moment in front of your pc to make money.

So how would an extra $400 – $3000 per month sound?

Pretty good right?

I’m sure that would buy you a few extra beers πŸ™‚

Well I’m going to explain to you how to do it.

I’m not talking theory here, this is something that I have been doing for almost a year and it’s working out great πŸ™‚

All you do is provideΒ  a service to offline businesses by building them a simple wordpress blog for their business.

See I told you it was simple.

But before you start thinking that you have absolutely no idea how to do it don’t worry I will explain how it all works.

Before we get into the “meat and potatoes” of the information I will first just say that don’t ever think that you are too late to the party. Yes there are companies out there there that already provide this service but there is such a huge demand for businesses wanting websites that it will never be a problem.

Not only that a lot of these web design companies charge stupid amounts of money so this makes it even easier for you to get into offering this service and picking up projects and offline clients will never be a problem.

To make things easier to digest I have created a list of 11 things that you must do when using this offline model for creating income.

1. Focus on building things 1 step at a time

We all start from having no clients but what’s important is that you build things 1 step at a time. Don’t look too far ahead. Keep focused and take things steady at first until you find your feet and then you can start to take on more than 1 project at a time.

2. Focus only on a residual income model

This is absolutely vital because by doing this you are making the best use of your time. When i say a residual income model I’m talking about focusing on building your income so you get paid month after month on auto-pilot with no additional work.

You can do this by using this powerful strategy which works like “Gangbusters”

All you do is build the site for your client and charge them a fixed amount (which we will cover shortly) and then give them 3 – 6 months free hosting of their blog. After that time you can then charge them a monthly fee which could be anywhere from $10 – 30 per month. You don’t want to make this too expensive but at the same time make it worth your time. Then after the 3 – 6 months you then set up either paypal recurring payment or a monthly bank automatic payment to you account.

If you have 50 clients paying you $20 per month that is $1000 per month and this is not including any additional services which you can offer them (this is where you can earn some nice extra money)

In case you were wondering what happens if they cancel, then you will of course lose them as a customer however if they spend months branding their blog and website all over the place and telling people about it the last thing they will ever want to do is stop paying you because YOU own the domain and the hosting.

3. Start the ball rolling by creating a site for friends or family

Just to start the ball rolling you could create a site for a family member or a couple of friends just to get your portfolio started so that you have something to show potential clients when they ask you if you have any examples of your work.

4. Keep your prices fairly low

This is where many people get really confused. Rather than me explain what and why you should charge certain amounts I may as well just tell you what I charge. Currently I charge Β£99 which is around $160 but I can build the sites super fast. I can build the site and customize everything in under an hour and then all I need to do afterwards is upload the header once it’s all complete.

Although $160 may not be that much if you were to pick 2 up per week that’s an extra $320 in your pocket per week for a couple of hours of work and not forgetting it’s a residual income too. Oh and you can also offer extra services on top after they agree for the website build, things like facebook pages and tracking keywords etc. I may increase my prices at some point to around Β£149 per site which is around $250 but when you’re just starting out you need to keep your prices fairly low just to get a few customers through the door and then once you become more well know for your services you can start to increase your prices.

5. Offer additional products after they agree for you to build their website

I did just cover this but will briefly mention this again. Once you secure a client you can then offer them extra packages and some people do buy them. This is how you can go from getting $160 for a basic website build to making an extra $500 – $1000 in extra services. (This is also known as an upsell and it works very well and can add lots of extra profits to your business so make sure you use it)

6. Make sure you tell them that after 3 – 6 months there will be a monthly charge

Before agreeing that you will build the site for your client make sure they understand that after 3 – 6 months what ever you want to use that they know they will be billed $10 – $20 per month again what ever price you choose. I currently charge my clients around $15 per month but you can go higher or lower it’s up to you. You can tell them that they can either set up a paypal subscription or they can set up a monthly bank transfer.

7. Make sure you register their domain name and you host them on your servers

This is really important because this means you own everything. Sometimes you may get the odd person that wants you to edit an existing site of theirs but I always just say that I would rather create a new one which I would but you do of course have the added extra of owning it too. Doing this puts you in complete control of your business and if any of your clients decide to stop paying then you can send the traffic elsewhere or put some adsense on it. But believe me when I say 99.9% of people will never let it go once they have branded it giving you an air tight business model.

8. Keep in contact with your customers to see if they require any extra services

It’s important to stay in regular contact with your clients because you never know when they may want some extra services. All I do is if I’m walking past my clients business or shop etc I will pop in and have a quick chat and ask them how things are going. It doesn’t have to be every week, once every couple of months is fine. Remember once you have a paying customer they are 10x more likely to spend money with you again than go elsewhere.

9. Get some business cards made up

One of the things which I did was I created some business cards so that I could give out and also leave with my clients. Having a business card is really important because this makes you look much more professional and not only that people can easily contact you when they need a site created or any other marketing service that you provide. If you don’t have a business card you’re making things much harder for yourself.

10. Create a portfolio of all of your sites that you have created (this will be on of the first things people ask)

This is something which you absolutely must be doing. You won’t build it overnight but as you pick up more and more clients just make sure you add each of your sites to your portfolio. All I do is take a screen shot of the new site which I have createdΒ  and then pop down to my local printers and they fiddle around with photoshop and take a nice smaller scale picture of the site and then print it off for me. I then laminate the picture and put it in my portfolio folder along with the rest. This is all I do, it’s simple, looks professional and great for showing potential clients examples of your work.

11. How to get paying clients

This is probably one of the biggest problems people face. Now..I’m not going to sugar coat this and blow smoke up your back side and tell you that there is some magic solution to start getting lots of customers because there isn’t.

What you have to do to get lots of clients paying you is do something which you do every single day.

Talk to people.

So many people try and look for the easy way out without ever talking to a single person. The fact that you are reading this post and thinking about possibly using this income model yourself anyway means that you like to get out there and talk to local businesses in your area and see how you can help them.

Be proud of what you know and sell yourself and your knowledge and everything else will fall into place.

Just remember that 99.9% of people you talk to will be absolutely clueless about online marketing so YOU will be the expert so always remember that.

Once you secure a few clients you may start to get some referrals where your clients tell their friends about you. This will happen at some stage but you do have to put the initial work in up front. All I did to get my first few clients was to walk in the shop and start chatting about their business and if they would like more sales. This is a hot topic for business owners because c`mon… how many offline businesses do you speak to that don’t want extra business?

I don’t go in every shop or store that I see though, only certain ones which have a good products which would be idea to create a site around. I actually explain in the video course here the exact type of offline businesses that I approach.

One of the important rules to remember when talking to potential clients is don’t be a salesman instead offer a solution to their problem.

To make things easier here are some sites that you can take a look at that I have created for some of my offline clients.

These are real sites that clients have paid me for and they are live right now branding their businesses in my local area.

Just remember, the sites do not have to be the best thing since sliced bread, as long as they are simple, colourful and easy to navigate then your offline clients will love them.

I have created many more sites for local businesses but these are just 3 examples that you can look at for ideas.


This first site is a tattoo business that I approached in my local area.

tattoo site



Β This next site is a go kart track which is actually right next to my gym. This gets some steady traffic now and is doing well. You can even add some youtube videos in the sidebar like I have if it fits the type of product your client has.

karting site

Β This site is an army and navy surplus store.

army site












You have option of taking this information and using it to just make some extra income like I do to add towards your income streams or you could go all out and dominate your local area by providing website building services and other online marketing services to local businesses on a full time basis. It’s really up to you. I have used the figures $400 – $3000 but to be honest if you were to hit it hard you would make far more than $3000 per month.

It’s been a long post but I hope you have enjoyed it and you take away lots of tips that you can use in your own business.

If you would like to learn more about creating sites for businesses in your local area then I have put together a series of videos where I show you exactly how to create these types of sites. If you would like to get the videos Click Here

Thanks for reading and please like it, google+1 it, and tweet it if you enjoyed it and leave and comments below and let me know what is stopping you from using this business model to make some extra income in your local area.


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  1. Hi Paul,

    Is there anything we can offer to the businesses that already have a website?
    I found it very difficult to convince the business owners with no websites about
    the value of having a website.


  2. Hi Paul,

    I printed off your post from the Warrior forum about mental toughness and IM. It will keep me going when I’m battered and bruised πŸ™‚

    If you had one piece of advice on branding yourself, what would it be? My concern is that I won’t stand out, or be able to differentiate myself from others online. It seems like everyone’s discussing the same ideas on their blogs but packaging them differently. Am I right?

  3. Wow, those sites are pretty basic and I could throw those up very quickly also. Gets me thinking Paul…thanks! What theme is that you are using for the client sites? Thanks.

    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Hi Nicole

      Yeah they are not difficult to put together especially if you know what you’re doing with wordpress.

      The theme is semiologic, you can easily customize it and set it up exactly how you want.

      I show exactly how I configure my blogs in the videos which I put together.

      I can create and put together a site in under an hour, the only thing I sometimes have to wait for is the header from my designer πŸ™‚

      Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  4. Paul…thanks so much for this. I have been thinking of trying some off-line work but I always imagined I would need some complicated website. The sites you show are easy and look great. I always use Semio for my affiliate websites, so that just makes it easier for me. I have a couple of family members that have small stores, so I am going to do some websites for them and see how it goes. Just a question on SEO…do you just let the business owners print the websites on their business cards and advertising and let it go from there or do you do additional work? With a local search I am sure the website will pop up to the top without much problem. I appreciate your free information and videos were a bonus. Thank you. Rachael

    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Hi Rachael

      you don’t need some complex site or blog, the best sites to create are ones that are simple clean and easy to navigate.This is what offline businesses like 99% of the time

      I do optimize the sites for seo by doing basic on site seo but that is pretty much it.I try not to get to involved with the seo side of things as i find it painfully boring these days πŸ™‚

      I would much rather give them consultations and set their sites up so they can sell stuff from them.This is a much better use of time time and much more profitable and good fun too.

      Once the site is built yes they can then print it on their business cards flyers etc that is all good for you because it means they are far less likely to be cancelling their monthly fees to you.

      Local search is easy. I also have a rank tracker plug in installed on my clients sites so i can monitor their rankings and this works well so i can see if they are getting many visitors from the engines and so far they all get plenty and are being found for lots of targeted and long tail phrases.

      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  5. Steven Love says:

    UPDATE: Paul. Thanks you for this.

    Just a few minutes ago I walked around the corner and spotted a local T-shirt printing shop while I was out looking for a new pair of ear-phones. Remembering what I read this morning I kindly asked if they we;re looking for new ways to expand there business and believe it or not, they we’re working off a facebook page with no website!

    I didn’t have a portfolio, but I used my a nearby computer to show off my work. The owner was ecstatic, and hired me to create his website and agreed to the monthly hosting charge.

    I took action and got my first client. πŸ™‚

    Very happy with this. Thanks again Paul!

    *im trying to get business cards made now*


    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Hey Steve

      That is absolutely superb well done πŸ™‚

      You see it’s surprising what can happen when you just speak to people πŸ™‚

      That’s all I do too, when I’m walking about town shopping or something I sometimes
      pop into a shop and speak to the owner.

      I hope other people reading this now see exactly how easy it can be to make money with
      this method just as long as you take some action.

      Good stuff Steve, keep me updated πŸ™‚

  6. Steven Love says:

    Thanks for this paul. Actually I think I’ve gotten a head start on the website building process. Ive already done 2 really professional looking sites for some friends and family. Now I just have to start a portfolio!

    Thanks for this information. Glad to see somebodies still keeping it real.

    – Steve

    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Hey Steve

      Good stuff, yeah just get a little portfolio going and then you have something to show
      clients when they ask. When I first started talking to offline businesses that was
      one of the first things thy used to ask me.

      Once you get a few paying clients you will start to pick up referrals which
      makes things much easier to get lots more biz πŸ™‚

  7. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the FREE information, and no need to apologize for the length of the post long or short your posts are always 101% welcome.

    This post for building websites is certainly food for thought.

    Thanks again and keep posting.


    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Hey Ian

      I do have a habit of getting carried away with my writing but it’s because I like to explain things
      in detail πŸ™‚

      Good to see you stopping by Ian πŸ™‚

      Talk soon πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Paul thanks for inside look into your business model. This is exactlly what I have been working towards. It works perfect with what we already know ….. and why not make money helping others to make more money! I have my second business under my belt now and hunting more down each day.

    Thanks again .. you are one of a handful of marketers that I follow.

    Have a Choice Day!


    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Hey Kent

      It’s a solid model and one which many people do use for a full time income just working
      with offline businesses. The key is making sure you work on the recurring models.

      I love talking talking to offline business owners and it’s great to create sites for them because it
      can have a big effect on helping them to get more business πŸ™‚

      Good to see you stop by Kent πŸ™‚

      Talk soon

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