How to Really Make Money on the Internet Without all the Bull

This video explains how making money on the internet really works and the best way for you to start succeeding and moving forward.


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  1. Hi Paul,just watched the video .Great advice because I’ve struggled with this dilemma for a while.Appreciate yoursincerity and honesty.You are one of the marketers one can close one’s eyes and buy whatever you recommend. I ‘m happy to find someone like you.Keep it up,and thanks.

  2. Lucia Madiseng says:

    Hi Paul
    I thoroughly enjoyed your video about affiliate marketing especially the honesty about what sort of income to expect when starting out.
    I wish that you will launch the Affiliate Mastery (University) course soon because I couldn’t join it now in December.
    I bought many programs which exaggerated the success that one can achieve in this business within the first month using their tools as though they were magic. Anyway, I would like to be part of your program and achieve success because believe me when I tell you that I have put effort on my side so far but with Zero income.
    The are people I will definitely whom I will invite because they are sitting in the same situation I am right now.
    Thank you once more for your honesty, there are few people on the internet that have that quality.

  3. Hi Paul, just watched your video which was very timely I believe, as, yes, I was starting to feel like giving up! I understand the points you have made, which really apply to me – I keep wanting to jump ahead and try to build a business (which is often what we are told to do), instead of perhaps mastering one income method first. I will check out your review recommendation of Kevin’s product, and I was also going to have a look at your Avalanche 2 product, as income methods, but can you give me your recommendation for someone who is not techie and has only about an hour a day to spare while running a house full of small children? I have started to build a list using solo traffic to a couple of funnels I had built and installed for me, and though I am getting about 40% optin, no sales so far on 300 clicks – so that’s the stage of progress (or lack of it:-) ) that I am up to. What would you suggest as the quickest path to $50 per day for me? Thanks in advance! Sue.

  4. Hi Paul, between you and Trevor I don’t know who got my purchase but I bought it from somewhere, I thought it was you. I didn’t see an oto2 for $67 just $14.31 then $197 then product page. did I get it off you.?

    Now I watched your review I guess I missed out on the bonuses,,,,,ah well, you live and learn.


    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Hi Dean

      no problem buddy I will still send you over my bonus that I created for this as you are on our affiliate mastery course 🙂

      Message me on fb and I will send it over

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