Is It Really Possible to Make $5 – $10k per Month as An Amazon Affiliate?

amaIs it possible?

I mean that’s a lot of money to make per month online just as an amazon affiliate right?

Yes it’s certainly possible but what is even better is pretty much anyone could do this for themselves.

Before I tell you more about this amazon affiliate strategy first take a look at the video below.

This is Shankar Rao one of my 1 on 1 coaching students and he has been making thousands of dollars by selling simple products on as an amazon affiliate for the last 3 years by using all free traffic.

Below it shows him logging into his account so you can see the numbers for yourself.

As you can see Shankar started this this in only May of 2013 and he now makes a steady $7 – $10k per month.

And the best part is this is all with free traffic and also only part of his traffic comes from google.

The rest comes from other free traffic sources which he reveals in his course.

The reason why I love Shankar’s system so much is because I used a similar system back in 2010 when I used make good money from adsense and amazon too but the difference with what Shankar does is it’s much more up to date and also easier to scale. Also he doesn’t rely just on free traffic from google which is the mistake that a lot of niche marketers make these days.

One of the things that people ask me is how they can start creating an income online..

My answer is always the same and it always will be.

You need to find and choose one “do-able” money making/income method and work on that until you’re successful.

This is how I started out making money by building affiliate niche sites and then you expand things from there.

Soon after I tell people that’s what they need to do they then say “well I don’t know what methods to use there are so many”

And yes I hear you, this is why Shankar’s course fits nicely for anyone wanting to learn some type of an income method online.

Shankar has never really told anyone about what he does online to make his money until I asked him about it and I convinced him to put this course together because I knew it would help a lot of people out that were struggling online.

Up till now he has been quietly making thousands of dollars as an amazon affiliate but this is now your chance to see exactly how he does it, copy it for yourself and start using amazon to build a good monthly online income or use it to add towards your current income.

Our course is now Live online and you can pick up a copy from the link below:


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