Lindgren’s Lazy Method Review + Mega Bonus

This new course “Lindgren’s Lazy Method” is a new course and case study showing you a very simple yet very effective income strategy you can use to make $1,500 per month using 100% free traffic.

$1500 per month works out to $50 per day and when you start making this type of income it sure makes things easier for you when you log in each day.

This is a method that pretty much anyone can use to start generating income. Traffic is never a problem either because the way you use this method there is a lot of traffic, in fact there is a boat load of it. You will see exactly what I mean when you go through the training.


In the video below I will be reviewing the new course “Lindgren’s Lazy Method” which will be going Live on Saturday 1st July at 9am EST (2pm uk time) and here’s what I found + a sneek peek inside

>> Grab Lindgren’s Lazy Method Here + My Custom Bonus Package <<


>> Grab Lindgren’s Lazy Method Here + My Custom Bonus Package <<


Main Course Price Starts at $12.95 (but will increase quickly)

Lindgren’s Lazy Method Main Course

Lindgren’s Lazy Method main course contains x13 step by step training videos which walk you through this entire income model and show you how to build a $1500 per month in passive income with only 2 – 3 hours per week.


Upgrade 1: DFY email campaigns that convert for a super affiliate

This is a private members area where you can get access to lots of done for you affiliate and email campaigns


Upgrade 2 – DFY money page that’s designed for optimal conversions

This is a done for you page which has been created for you so you get the best conversions possible and make the most amount of money possible too


Upgrade 3 – License rights to Lindgren’s Lazy Method

You get rights to this entire course so you can sell it yourself and keep all of the profits


Upgrade 4 – 1 on 1 coaching

You get access to the product creators personally and they help you to use this method to build an income online quickly

In Summary:

This is a very good and solid course that teaches you a very effective method for generating income using free traffic. I know this works because I use something similar in my own business except I also use a few extra secret special twists that make this strategy x20 more powerful and profitable. It’s a great course for the money and you will certainly learn a very good strategy for generating income starting this week if you started to use this from the first day.

Plus over time this will act as a passive income source too because of the way you set it up as you will see if you decide to grab a copy.

There were just a couple of things that I didn’t like about the course which I explain below but with my unique bonus package you will be ahead of 99% of other people that grab this new course.

>> Grab Lindgren’s Lazy Method Here + My Custom Bonus Package <<

Super Bonus

I have put together a brand new bonus package for the first 40 people ONLY that pick up a copy of Lindgren’s Lazy Method from this Blog. This is a unique bonus package which I have created just for customers that purchase the Lindgren’s Lazy Method course from this blog and this will give you “the edge” over 99% of other people that purchase the Lindgren’s Lazy Method course.

BONUS 1 – I will reveal how to make even more sales by using 1 special twist. They don’t mention this in the course but I do this and this along helps me to bring in around $3,000 – $5,000 per month in affiliate income. If you do this one thing it will send your profits through the roof.

BONUS 2 – In this bonus I explain how you can also use this strategy to generate more free traffic and build yourself and much more stable online income and make more money. Again this is something they don’t talk about but I do it all the time and it’s something you MUST otherwise you will be leaving thousands of dollars on the table.

BONUS 3Also I’m going to reveal what I do to create sky high conversions when using this same model. What they show you in the course does work but everyone is doing this and it’s not as effective as what I do. This alone can double the amount of money you make.

The main course it self is worth way more than the $14.95 starting price and with my bonuses too there is a crazy amount of value here. Just make sure you pick up a copy quickly as I am only giving away 40 bonuses away so don’t miss out.

>> Grab Lindgren’s Lazy Method Here + My Custom Bonus Package <<


  1. Hello Paul,

    Thank you for the review.I bought it soon afterwards!

    However,I could not see your bonuses link. Sent you an e-mail.



    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Hi Alex

      all bonuses are always within the download area of the platform that you buy from, either warriorplus or jvzoo

      any problems though just email us at “” and we will help you out

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