7 Killer Tips How to Get 50% Squeeze Page Opt in Rate Conversions

If you have some kind of a squeeze page set up where your building a list from then having a high converting squeeze page is vital otherwise you will be losing a lot of traffic Before we get into the 7 killer tips let`s do a little calculation where you can see the difference between […]

Are You a GOOGLE Slave or Have You Built a MUSE??

hey hows it going its been a while since my last blog post i know, but ive been busy with a new project and im happy and relieved to say that ive actually finished it now. Today`s blog post i have something that i really want and need to get off my chest because it`s […]

How to Defeat the Evil Google Galactic Empire

When trying to generate more traffic to your blog there are 3 main things that you should focus on. If you only focused on these 3 things you would do very well and generate plenty of free traffic to your blog. Post Regular – If you want to give your blog a big boost in […]

6 Secret Cash Cranking Ingredients That Your Mom Never Gave You

There are certain core ingredients which you need if you want to build a profitable online business. These core ingredients are vital in any business model which you decide to go with online because between them they provide a platform for company branding, automated system for generating sales and new customers, tools to identify your […]

33 Worst Mistakes Made by Internet Marketers

Here is a cool list of 33 things that you should never do as an internet marketer if you value your business and name It is a very long post so grab a coffee, sit back and take note!  1. NEVER rely on youtube as a traffic source This is a very bad move especially […]

1 Powerful Traffic Method You Should Be Using to Build Your Business

What ever type of business model you are using there is always one important ingredient that you must have, and that is TRAFFIC. Traffic is always the lifeblood of your business, because even if you had terrible conversions and a badly designed website as long as you still had traffic then you would at least […]

Snap Video Profits Review

**BONUS** If you grab the snap video profits through the link below then I will send you 3 hot bonus tips which are essential if you plan on using this income strategy. These are 3 things that are not covered in the course but are very important and can get you into all kinds of […]

Internet Marketing Tips – 22 Awesome Internet Marketing Weapons That You Should Arm Yourself With

Here are 22 awesome tools which i want to share that help me to run my online business Google Keyword Tool – the google keyword tool is the only tool that i use online to check for traffic. I know some people use other tools to check traffic numbers and thats fine but if your […]

5 Reasons Why Internet Marketing is Just Like Doing The Human Flag

Todays blog post is going to be a little different to the ones that you usually read and hopefully a little entertaining too lol. I thought i would take this opportunity to let you in on something that ive been learning for the past month or so, its something that ive always wanted to be […]

How to Drill Down and Squeeze More Traffic and Sales from Your List

i thought i would share a VERY POWERFUL technique with you which will generate you a lot More Sales and Traffic and its all to do with your most powerful asset…… your email list! this does of course only apply if you have a list however its still important to learn for when you do […]

How to Find High PR .edu and .gov Blogs at Warp Speed for FREE

Today im going to be revealing to you my secret method for finding high pr .edu and .gov blogs at warp speed for you to comment on and to build powerful back links to your website and its all FREE (and you dont need any software either) WHY HAVE I DECIDED TO DO GO BACK […]

Adsense and Amazon Videos 14 – 20

Well i hope you have really enjoyed the last 13 videos that ive put together for you and your now well on your way to building some profitable affiliate sites for both adsense and amazon So far we have covered a lot of different things with how to build a profitable affiliate site and next […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 13

When ever you use affiliate links on your websites its important that you use php redirect codes instead of advertising those big long affiliate links on your sites. This is known as cloaking your affiliate links. So in this video im going to give you the exact code that you need to make this work […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 12

This video is very important. Im going to show you how to set up all of your tracking links with amazon. This is absolutely vital because when ever you sell amazon products through your sites you want to know which pages are selling and which are not. Based on this information you can then make […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 11

This video im going to walk you through and explain how to configure the plug ins which we use on all of our sites. The configuration can sometimes be a bit tricky if you dont know what your doing. It took me months to finally get to grips with how to configure all of the […]