1 Killer Traffic Method for Driving Lazer Targeted Visitors to Your Website

I wanted to share a traffic method with you today which is very powerful, but more importantly this traffic method will work in just about any niche This post is going to contain a lot of information so grab a coffee and sit back 🙂 This method is one of the most powerful methods out […]

1 Super Traffic Method for Putting Your List Building on Steroids

Hey how’s it going Today I am going to reveal to you one of the most powerful traffic generation methods that you can use to build your online business. You could quite possibly only use this method for traffic and build your email list into the thousands very quickly. I will say though that this […]

Adsense Cash BluePrint – How to Create Profitable Adsense Sites that Make Between $50 – $250 per month

I thought I would put together a little post about my new product “Adsense Cash BluePrint” and answer some questions that you may have about my course and to see if this course is right for you and how it can help you to push your business forward What is Adsense Cash BluePrint? Adsense cash […]

2 Ways How to Prevent People Getting Your Products For FREE if You Use Optimize Press Or WordPress

If you have any products online which you use wordpress or optimize press as the platform then you had better listen up because most of you will have a gaping hole in your product security, details to follow A couple of weeks ago I was going through one of my sites which is for a […]

2 Killer Ways to Find Red Hot Keywords and Niches

I have two great little ways that I want to share with you how to find more keywords for your niche. The type of keywords that you can find using these two methods can be “Red Hot” keywords. This first method is very effective and a great way for finding current keywords that are being […]

2012 Challenge – March Income Report

Here we are again on the 1st of the month with another update The target for March was $500 So how did I do? Well Ive totalled up all of my paypal payments received and it comes to $1,285.81 As i said last month, march would be interesting and indeed it has been. I launched […]

How to Check Google For Competition in 5 Easy Steps

Ive got something really cool that I want to share with you which is going to really help you when it comes to checking google for competition. As you probably know yahoo stopped providing back link data a few months ago which has made competition analyisis a bit more tricky Ive been using SEO Quake […]

82 Year Old Internet Marketer Building Affiliate Sites

I received an email earlier this week which really upset me and wanted to make a quick post about it because I feel its very important One of the main reasons why most people give up internet marketing is because there is so much information and dis-information out there and so much to learn that […]

My First $250 Day

Ive been an internet marketer now for almost 4 years and Ive seen and done a lot. I have failed more times than I can count, ive wasted hundreds of hours doing the wrong things, bought products, ebooks and courses which were garbage I have made some fairly good money with niche sites over the […]

Avalanche List Building – How to Create a Google Proof Online Business

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time then you would of realized that im a firm believer in creating income streams which are both stable and profitable If you want to have a stable and profitable online business then you need to start thinking long term and stop thinking about […]

2012 Challenge – February Income Report

Well here we are again with another month passed. So how did I do? Well the target for February was $200 I managed to make $253.15 So I managed to make an extra $53 more than the target which was cool but I should of made a lot more Why? Well, at the start of […]

2012 Challenge – Januarys Income Report

I have managed to get off to a good start and my list is growing nicely The income target for january was $100 And after adding up all of my received payments in paypal I made a total of $265.05 Here is a screen shot below of some of januarys payments   I actually made […]

2012 Challenge – $100 to $10,000 a Month in 12 Months

For the last 2 and a half years I have been part of a great little internet marketing forum called wordpress goldmine and in december 2011 I signed up to be part of the 2012 income challenge where we will have different income targets for each month of the year in 2012. This 2012 challenge […]

7 Killer Tips How to Get 50% Squeeze Page Opt in Rate Conversions

If you have some kind of a squeeze page set up where your building a list from then having a high converting squeeze page is vital otherwise you will be losing a lot of traffic Before we get into the 7 killer tips let`s do a little calculation where you can see the difference between […]

Are You a GOOGLE Slave or Have You Built a MUSE??

hey hows it going its been a while since my last blog post i know, but ive been busy with a new project and im happy and relieved to say that ive actually finished it now. Today`s blog post i have something that i really want and need to get off my chest because it`s […]