How to Find High PR .edu and .gov Blogs at Warp Speed for FREE

Today im going to be revealing to you my secret method for finding high pr .edu and .gov blogs at warp speed for you to comment on and to build powerful back links to your website and its all FREE (and you dont need any software either) WHY HAVE I DECIDED TO DO GO BACK […]

Adsense and Amazon Videos 14 – 20

Well i hope you have really enjoyed the last 13 videos that ive put together for you and your now well on your way to building some profitable affiliate sites for both adsense and amazon So far we have covered a lot of different things with how to build a profitable affiliate site and next […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 13

When ever you use affiliate links on your websites its important that you use php redirect codes instead of advertising those big long affiliate links on your sites. This is known as cloaking your affiliate links. So in this video im going to give you the exact code that you need to make this work […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 12

This video is very important. Im going to show you how to set up all of your tracking links with amazon. This is absolutely vital because when ever you sell amazon products through your sites you want to know which pages are selling and which are not. Based on this information you can then make […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 11

This video im going to walk you through and explain how to configure the plug ins which we use on all of our sites. The configuration can sometimes be a bit tricky if you dont know what your doing. It took me months to finally get to grips with how to configure all of the […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 10

This video is all about your onsite SEO. Your on site SEO is very important because if it can mean the difference with you having to build lots more links just to get a specific page ranked higher in the search engines, but if your on site SEO is the best it can be then […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 9

This video explains all of the plugins that i use on all of my sites that i build. There are dozens of plug ins that you can use for each site but the ones i mention in this video are the most important ones and ones that you definately need to include on every affiliate […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 8

This video shows you how to create customized headers for your niche sites by using some free software. When you build your sites its very important that you have a good looking header because this does 2 things. 1. It makes your site look more professional and that means that you visitors will trust it […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 7

This video is going to show you the theme that i always use for my niche sites and also im going to walk you through and show you exactly how to customize them for best results. Installing any old theme is easy but when trying to make money with adsense and amazon you want a […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 6

This video is a pretty basic one, it shows you how to register a domain name with namecheap but also how to save a few dollars at the same time by going to a certain site for up to date domain coupons. When i first started internet marketing i used to struggle with even the […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 5

In this video im going to reveal to you a super effective strategy for making more money from your affiliate websites without any more extra traffic. Ive always been a strong believer in making as much as you can with each of your sites and to squeeze out as much money as you can from […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 4

In this video im going to reveal to you the three step process that ive been using to help my affiliate sites get ranked quickly and how to get a bit more love from google. Its basically to do with 3 things that i do in every piece of content for my sites and by […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 3

This video im going to show you exactly how to check google for competition When you build any new website weather it being for adsense, amazon or clickbank you need to know how to effectively check the first page of google to make sure thats it not too competitive. Over the last few years ive […]

Adsense and Amazon Video 2

In this video we are going to cover a number of very important checks that you MUST know and carry out before you buy your domain name and begin building your site. If you dont carry out these checks or if you even miss just one of them out then theres a good chance you […]

Step by Step Adsense and Amazon Video Tutorials

I put together some great videos a few months ago showing how you can build adsense and amazon affiliate sites that make hundreds of dollars each month. But the only way you could watch my videos was if you signed up to my email list. Well.. ive decided to give out some of my videos […]