The Commission Code Review + Super Bonus

This new course the “The Commission Code” is a brand new case study how to make $384.26 per day in affiliate commissions using all free traffic. This is step by step training revealing an exact strategy and method that anyone can use to start banking income and commissions online.

When trying to generate any type of online income one of the easiest and most simple ways to do that is affiliate marketing. You basically sell someone else’s product and then you get a nice cut of the profits without ever having to deal with any customers yourself. It’s a very profitable and fun model to use online to make good money however unless you are using the right strategies and methods you are not going to get anywhere. The commission code details how anyone can go from a flat broke newbie or beginner to making at least $50 – $100+ per day.

In the video below I will be reviewing this new course “The Commission Code” and here’s what I found + a sneek peek inside the members area.

>> Grab The Commission Code System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

>> Grab The Commission Code System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<


Main Course Price –  Early bird price of $9.95 (price shoots up every 12 hours)

The Commission Code Main Course

The Commission Code main course is a step by step course where you get over x20 step by step videos, done for you campaigns, emails, posts and content

The videos are very easy to follow and it’s very good training.


Upgrade 1: Commissions Reloaded ($17)

  • 3 additional done for you campaigns
  • 3 additional done for you bonus pages
  • 3 additional done for you review videos
  • 3 additional done for you bonus delivery pages
  • 3 additional sets of custom bonuses
  • Done for you email swipes
  • Done for you Facebook posts
  • Done for you Blog posts
  • Guaranteed approval to promote each of the 3 offers
  • 30 day email consultancy

Upgrade 2 – Commission Jacker ($47)

  • Secret method which allows you to easily hijack one of the BIGGEST free traffic sources available
  • Over-The-Shoulder case Study guide of using this traffic method to make money
  • A secret free tool to generate bonus free traffic
  • 50 most opened subject lines of 2017
  • License rights and guaranteed approval to promote all of their my products

Upgrade 3 – Covert Commissions Club ($27)

  • A minimum of two brand new done for you campaigns each month
  • Free access to every single bonus I’ve ever created


This is a great course and it’s certainly something you can use as just an income model or you could use it to build a real business around it’s up to you.

The training itself I felt was really good and easy to understand and very in depth and certainly worth much more than the price you can get it at.

The things that I feel let the course down though is there are paid tools in the members area which are recommended which is more expense for you. There are other options but they are a bit long winded and I think they would be more hassle than what they are worth.

Plus I felt like some of the training was made a little too complicated and hard to understand. There are a lot of moving parts with the way that they explain some of the techniques.

However, with my super bonus package that I have created for you below it will plug all the gaps that I have found in the commission code course and if you grab this course through my link above or below you will get my super bonus package and you will have a major advantage over anyone else this entire course giving you the “edge”

>> Grab The Commission Code System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

Super Bonus

I have put together a brand new bonus package for the first 50 people ONLY that pick up a copy of “The Commission Code” from this Blog. This is a unique bonus package which I have created just for customers that purchase The Commission Code System from this blog and this will give you “the edge” over 99% of other people that purchase this new course.

BONUS 1 – In this bonus I’m going to show you how you can still use the commission code system without having to spend more money on the software that they recommend in the course. What I show you here is the ONLY WAY to do it which will still make you a lot money.

BONUS 2 – In this bonus I explain my own profitable way which will generate you more passive affiliate income and traffic by using a different approach. This itself is what I have been doing for a long time and it works like a charm and there are so many benefits from doing this it’s unreal.

BONUS 3Also I’m going to show you how to stay ahead of everyone else when using this commission code. There are certain things you can do different which will give you a bigger advantage over most others that get this course.

Bonus 4 And finally I’m going to walk you through the entire commission code system and explain exactly in my own simple words how it works and then explain my own system too and what you can take from each one to bank huge commissions and create super profitable affiliate campaigns. This will give you a crystal clear understanding of exactly what to do and how to do it.

What I reveal in all 4 of these bonuses I could charge good money for but as always I like to provide the best and most unique bonuses available because I truly believe in the commission code training and with the extra training I give you in my bonuses it will make this a perfect combination and give you massive marketing firepower to go out there and start crushing it with your affiliate campaigns.

Closing Thoughts: The main course it self is worth way more than the $9.95 starting price and with my bonuses too there is a crazy amount of value here (easily x20 times the price of the main course). Just make sure you pick up a copy quickly as I am only giving away 50 bonuses away so don’t miss out.

The info that I reveal in all 4 of my bonuses I have used in my own business for the last 6 – 12 months to make thousands in affiliate sales and also it’s what I have learned over years of trial and error too. My super bonus package is brand new something I have never given away or sold before so make sure you grab your copy quick and get in early so you don’t miss out.

It’s a great course revealing strategies and methods that can make you a lot of money and if you pick up my super bonus package too you will have the keys to making $10k+ per month and a lot more.

Do not what ever you do under estimate the information in the course and in my bonuses because combined they will make you more money than you can imagine just take action on it and see for yourself 🙂

Your bonuses will be waiting for you in the download area but if you get any problems accessing them just email me at “” and I will help you out.

>> Grab The Commission Code System Here + My Super Bonus Package <<


  1. Norman Marsh says:

    Hey Paul As of today Dec. 28th to you still have your bonus packs left? Thanks, Norm

  2. Hi Paul,

    Just came across your page and would like to test out the product, but are the bonuses still available?

  3. Do you have any Bonus Packages left? I know you’ve been asked this a couple of times, but time lapses and I think we are in different countries. So, as of know do you have any packages left?


    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Hi Diane

      yes there are still some left at the moment down to 6 left now so grab it quick if you want it
      as my super bonus is quite possibly worth a lot more than the main course 🙂



  4. Paul,
    I’m a little late getting into this game, but after listening to your review again I am convinced that Ben’s product is worth a try, especially when your bonuses are applied. So my question is: Do you have any bonus pkgs left at this late date?



  5. Willie Trotter says:

    Hello Paul,
    Do you have any more Bonus Packages left? I will buy if you do. Thanks!

  6. Enjoyed you review. Please let me know if you still have any bonus packages available.


  7. Hello Paul,

    I purchased the Commission Code through your link, thanks for the honest review and bonuses.

    Question though, how would you suggest using yours and Ben’s methods if we have no email list and we’re just getting started, also would you suggest using solo ads for list building?


    Willie Robertson

    • Paul Nicholls says:

      There are lots of ways that you can start out using free traffic even if you have no list

      Solo ads are ok but you need to try and pre-qualify people before they join your list from solo ads and also use your own swipe if you can

  8. Richard Defelice says:

    I Seriously need help, Paul can you email me?

  9. Dean McDonald says:

    Love it, Paul, You know me by now, in for a penny- in for a pound.

    As usual a top-notch review for a top-notch product. I got it all, FE to OTO3. I thought as Ben says, 2 done for you each project’s every month for only $27 plus access to his entire back catalogue. Just to have 2 fresh new projects every month 30 days coaching and free access to his past training lessons was a NO BRAINER.

    Please acknowledge my bonus claim. in your email box.

  10. links do not work

    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Hi Jay

      the links will be active from 10am est (3pm uk time) as I say in my review 🙂

      i’m only giving away 50 super bonus packages though 🙂



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