Traffic Manifesto Review + Super Bonus

This new course “Traffic Manifesto” is a brand new case study which shows you how to make $162 per day online using free traffic. This is a step by step video course which reveals a system which is very profitable and also a very stable income model and something similar to what I use myself in my own business which makes me thousands per month.

This is a great course, and something that newbies and beginners will certainly really benefit from but even if you have a bit more experience you can still learn a tonne from this course which will help you to generate much bigger profits from your own business because of the way this is all set up. It’s very clever and a great model to copy to build a very good income online.

In the video below I will be reviewing this new course “Traffic Manifesto” and here’s what I found + a sneek peek inside the members area.

>> Grab Traffic Manifesto Here + My Super Bonus Package <<


>> Grab Traffic Manifesto Here + My Super Bonus Package <<


Main Course Price –  Only $6.95 (EarlyBird is ONLY for the first 4 hours then price increases from there)

The Traffic Manifesto Main Course

The Traffic Manifesto main course includes over 15+ step by step video tutorials showing you how to set up this $162 per day income stream and how this entire system works. The videos are easy to follow and simple to understand too plus you get additional bonuses too at the bottom of the page.


Upgrade 1: Done For You Templates ($27)

This upgrade will give you done for you templates which will get you on the road to making money a lot faster plus saving you a lot of time trying to create everything yourself.

Upgrade 2 – FB Traffic ($17)

This upgrade teaches you all about facebook traffic. Free and paid. If you want more traffic then this will really help you.

Upgrade 3 – Coaching ($147)

This upgrade shows you exactly what to do step by step to go from a beginner to a full time online marketer making $5,000+ per month from home. When you study a blueprint that already works this saves you a lot of the guess work and quite possibly years of testing things out for yourself. Certainly worth a lot more than just $147.


In Summary:

This is a very good course and worth much much more than the stupidly low price that it’s starting at just make sure you pick it up quickly because after the first 4 hours the price will be rising quickly.

The members area I felt was very well laid out and all videos are easy to follow and understand and everything is there waiting for you to start learning from.

The things that I feel let the course down though is they don’t talk about a particular strategy which makes you tonnes more sales and profits. This is something I do all the time and you really do need to be doing it as well otherwise you will be losing so much money and traffic. The other things I felt let the course down was you are not given any long term plan moving forward and this is very important for hitting $10k+ per month and beyond. The other thing is they only give you 2 traffic methods so they could get saturated.

However, with my super bonus package that I have created for you below I cover everything that I felt like they missed out in the Traffic Manifesto course so along with my super bonus package this is a perfect combination of training to help you make more profits and get more traffic in the quickest time possible.

With my 3 super bonuses you will have a massive advantage over everyone else that grabs this course so don’t miss out what ever you do.

>> Grab Traffic Manifesto Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

Super Bonus

I have put together a brand new bonus package for the first 50 people ONLY that pick up a copy of “Traffic Manifesto” from this Blog. This is a unique bonus package which I have created just for customers that purchase the Traffic Manifesto course from this blog and this will give you “the edge” over 99% of other people that purchase this new course.

Only 50 6 Bonuses Left

BONUS 1 – In this bonus I’m going to reveal something that the main course didn’t tell you and this is something that will make you a lot of extra money plus generate you a lot of extra completely free traffic on auto-pilot too. I’ve been doing this or years and it works like a charm.

BONUS 2 In this bonus I’m going to reveal what you need to focus on and what you’re long term plan is for getting to $10,000+ per month online and where you should focus most of your efforts.

BONUS 3Also I’m going to give you 3 extra traffic methods too because I felt like you don’t learn enough in the main course. I’m going to give you 2x free traffic methods plus 1x paid traffic method you can use to generate tonnes more traffic into your pages starting today.

All these bonuses I could charge good money for and if you miss these you will kick yourself 🙂

Closing Thoughts: The main traffic manifesto course it self is worth way more than the $6.95 starting price and with my bonuses too there is a crazy amount of value here. Just make sure you pick up a copy quickly as I am only giving away 50 bonuses so don’t miss out.

This is a very valuable and extremely useful package which can make you a lot of money and at the same time save you a tonne of time.

This really is a whopper of a deal if you pick up my bonuses as well because there really will be no reason then for you not to succeed.

Your bonuses will be waiting for you in the download area but if you get any problems accessing them just email me at “” and I will help you out.

>> Grab Traffic Manifesto Here + My Super Bonus Package <<

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