Who is Paul Nicholls


Hi and thanks for visiting my page. My name is Paul Nicholls, I`m 36 years old and I’m currently living in a small town on the east coast of the UK.







I joined the Royal Navy at the age of 16 where I served 6 years as a radar operator.

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During the time I served  I was mainly working on board ship and I was able to visit many countries through out the world including Brazil, Peru, Venezuala, Antigua, Chille, Falkland Islands, Uruguay, Spain, Portugal, Tenerife, Tunisia, Turkey, Crete, Italy, Rome, Sicsily and a few more but the furthest place I’ve been to and certainly the coldest is a place called south Georgia which is about 700 miles south of the Falkland Islands and it’s only about 300 miles from Antarctica.

This is a picture of south georgia below. It was very cold and the temperature got down to as low as -25
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I had some great times during my career but in 2002 I had enough and decided to leave and start a different career, something where I would spend more time at home with friends and family and doing more fun stuff.

Here are some of the pictures of my ships that I served on…

HMS Ark Royal – this was my last aircraft carrier I served on before leaving in 2002
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HMS Edinburgh – this was my first ship that I joined in 1997 and I had just turned 18 years old
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After leaving the armed forces in 2002 I went back to college and did my carpentry course and worked as a carpenter for quite a few years.

From 2002 I worked for many different companies until in 2007 I decided to buy my first laptop to see if I could make a bit of money online by playing poker.

This was my first computer and before I purchased that laptop I was seriously absolutely useless with computers, as in I couldn’t even send an attachment in an email lol.

After failing at poker for quite a few months I decided to keep looking around at other ways to make money online.

I decided to look into online marketing and to begin learning how I could leverage the internet to make an income.

Like most people I struggled at first trying to figure out what worked and what didn’t and what I really needed to focus on in order to build a full time income from home that could replace my day job income.

From January 2008 I started all this online stuff and I managed to go full time online from home around November 2012. It took me 4 and a half years to figure things out and what I needed to do to actually succeed online and make good money.

Over the last 5 years since I have been full time online I have been working hard to build my business up to a point where I make anywhere from $5k – $10k per month online.


I have many hobbies and things that I like to do such as keeping fit down the gym, obstacle course races, jogging, travelling and also mini bike racing where I race in the british championship mini bike series.

Here’s my car bmw m3, it’s a car I have wanted for over 10 years and I went out bought this recently








Here’s a picture of me after the 2016 tough guy obstacle course race (this is my 3rd time doing this one and I really don’t know if I will do it anymore because of the sheer pain and agony of doing it in January the coldest month of the year. I have to train for this for at least 3 – 4 months and it’s a big commitment.










And some of me on my bike



















I hope you now know a little more about me and that you can see that I was just a normal guy that got sick of working in a job and I made it my mission to do things differently. As you can see, I keep myself busy and active but I still take my business very seriously. I consider what I do online as a lifestyle business because not only can you make a lot of money while not even being at your computer but you can end up leading a lifestyle that 99% of people can’t because of the nature of using the Internet to build a business and an income.

I currently work from an office in the comfort of my own home. It’s brilliant and I love what I do and I want to help as many others as I can to do the same.

I work when I want, go out anywhere when ever I want without having to answer to anyone. That in itself is worth all the hard work to this position without a doubt.

We are living in a very fortunate age where we are able to make very good money from the comfort of our own homes so that we can secure our own financial futures and for our families too. There is no better time to start building an Internet based income so that you can start leading a much more enjoyable lifestyle while having the opportunity to make as little or as much as you want online.

If this sounds like something you really want to do then I have some free information below which will get you started and on the road to make money and making progress to build your online income and online business.

I’ve decided to put this blog together so that I can share lots of great information and tips on internet marketing and generating a job replacing income online.

I hope you get lots of value from my blog and please free to leave any comments.

See you around.

Paul Nicholls

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  1. Hi Paul

    Got your email today and came along to read the post.

    I appreciate the tips you are giving there, as one of your buyers, but my main area of making money online is working as a consultant to the offline market..!!

    Just wondering if you have any experience in this field ??
    Reason I ask is because I might be interested in some coaching if you do.

    You can of course contact me via my email.

    Thanks and keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Hi Paul,
    A while ago I purchased your avalanche listbuilding course but have been unable to get access (I have the log-in details and password) but seem to have mislaid the login site for the videos.
    Could you please email me a reminder – thanks
    Keith ( fotos4web on wpg)

  3. Good morning, Paul. I recently viewed #1 of your free 5 videos. Today #5 arrived. I have not seen #2-3-4 video but I certainly would love to see them. I am asking if you could send video # 2-3-4 again to me soon. I have been seeking internet income a few years and as yet, have not been successful. I am excited to learn more from your videos and hope be using the info very very soon. Thank you so very much. Jacci

  4. paul just started learning on vid 1 very new to all this thanks for info i am in west midland.uk .

  5. Hi Paul,
    It is a refreshing change to hear a UK voice and also not someone who is trying to BS everyone.
    I am based in Dorset, UK and I am just starting out. I struggle with wordpress to be honest and use blogger instead. I am in no rush to build big, but will your strategies work well with blogger sites?

    I really need some help and would like to follow the videos. I like the Amazon & Adsense idea as it allows me to get started with making some extra cash.

    I have enjoyed reading your site and will be following with interest.

  6. Hi Paul,

    Thank you for the valuable information you share here. Many things came up together for me after reading this. It seems you know what you are talking about. I would appreciate receiving from you an advice on specific topic related to your posts.

    I always wanted to find out seems very simple question about Amazon which I cannot find anywhere:
    I have my Amazon.co.uk account. Do I have to open another accounts (Amazon.us, Amazon.ca…) if I would want to sell products to customers in USA, or Canada? I suppose there will be different links to the product for Amazon.us or Amazon.ca.

    What about links to Amazon products for different countries on my web page? How to deal with it.


    • @Janis:

      hi janis

      your welcome janis

      im also in the uk and i opened up an account for amazon.com

      if you want to sell products to traffic in the US then you do need to be part of the amazon.com affiliate program

      theres no difference except with a amazon.com account you will only get commissions from all products you sell to people in the US NOT any other contry!

      i never use my amazon.co.uk account because most of the traffic comes from the US

      99.9% of the time its not worth opening different accounts for different countries because as i said 90% of the traffic comes from US anyway

      you can have both an amazon UK and an amazon US link on your website and then just direct people to either country before they make there purchase

      i never do this its just not worth it but i know some people do

      the best way to deal with this problem is only build affiliate sites which has mostly US traffic, of course this check is done in your research stage (which i do explain in my videos how to do it)

      another reason why i only like to use 1 affiliate program/account is because its easier for commissions.

      But if you do have a website which gets a decent amount of traffic and it has the potential to sell a decent amount of UK products then by all means use the UK amazon program on those sites

      apart from that just stick to amazon.com

      hope this helps

      paul 🙂

  7. Sounds good Paul ,just finished watching vid 2 and look forward to your next vid on scaling the competition.

    • @Wim:

      hi wim

      the google competition is a very important video, hope you enjoy it 🙂

      i hope you enjoy all the other videos too, theres some great stuff that i share

      paul 🙂

  8. Wim (Belgium) says:

    Hi Paul , right now it seems like you’ve come out of nowhere but you have been around some while obviously. Like your no nonsense 1st video on Amazon and the use free tools where you can approach. It’s the first time I see someone doing Adsense and Amazon on the same site. Are we not supposed not to distract the visitor to our site with Adsense ads and keep him focused on our Amazon offer ? Talking about Adsense , I bought a WSO (Warrior Forum) recently on Adsense. It seems like the true adsense value for any given keyword is much lower than the CPC the Google keyword tool wants us make believe. That’s because the CPC is a qualification for the Search network and Adsense ads are on the Contextual Network where cost per click is much lower ?? T know the correct cost per click and revenue in Adsense one has to click the Contextual tab in the Google keyword tool first ( on the left of the screen) and this will give the corresponding value of the keyword list you are looking at. This information was new to me and I don’t know what to make of this ? What’s your thought on this ? Cheers !

    • @Wim (Belgium):

      hey wim

      yeah ive been quietly building my biz over the last couple of years and it was about time i shared all of my tips and secrets 🙂

      using adsense and amazon on the same site basically makes you more money so why not do it

      but…. there is a certain way to add amazon links in such a way that it wont have a big negative effect to your adsense earnings (this is the reason why most people dont include amazon on the same site because there adsense earnings drop by too much)

      by following my methods taught in my full video course you will make amazon sales but at the same time maintain your adsense earnings too

      you can build amazon or adsense only sites thats fine but by using both you are squeezing out the maximum amount of revenue from each site that you build

      when it comes to cost per click, you dont need to get too into all the stats and numbers.

      i know the tools are never 100% accurate but they are only to be used as a guide and if you follow my teachings as shown in my videos then your going to do fine

      all the time you spend worrying how much you will actually get paid for a click and all that stuff you could be creating content, building links and expanding your own business rather than worrying about all the fine details about exact numbers and earnings you will actually get from each keyword

      as long as you generally go for my recommended cpc when you choose keywords then you will do fine

      just keep things simple wim and you will be fine

      hope this helps

      paul 🙂

  9. Thanks Paul… I am getting there but still struggling to get the site map seen (as a site map)?

    I have set up the new page named ‘site map’ but cannot get the site map (urls) in view?

    is there somthing i am doing wrong…

    is it still ok to ask questions on your website here?



  10. Hi Paul, great site.

    I am not sure if i am doing this right as advised by yourself?

    I am following your video course (great by the way) and added the site map plugin successfully… but i cannot seem see the site map on my website?

    Does this get added automatically or have i got to add this as its own page, then copy and paste all site map url’s into this page??

    may thanks… ray

    • @Ray Newland:

      hi ray

      thanks i hope you enyoy it 🙂

      as you know there are 2 sitemaps that i recommend that you use

      the html and xml

      with the html (daegan design site map) you just need to create a new “page” and name it
      site map then click on the html and add this bit of code in there

      but make sure its in the html not visual

      click save then your site map will appear

      let me know if you have any other problems 🙂

      hope this helps


  11. Raymond John Lavin says:

    I have been waiting patiently for your BLOG.

    You have a dedicated follower.

    Cheers !! Ray.

    Joyce and Ray Lavin.

  12. Shaun baird says:

    Nice site Paul, interesting background, and weird how only 3 years ago you got into this! I tried to get in the Army but failed due to a hearing issue, did the army cadets (and won best cadet on a camp) and loved that, then Ive had a string of deadbeat jobs, but have always come back to computers.

    I need to work on my focus coz Im naff at it! Hoep you hit your big goal youve set for 2011.. rootin for ya.

  13. Hi there Paul,

    Nice to read something from an ordinary guy like myself (and also someone in the UK for a change!!).
    Take a look at my URL and if we can work together at all that would be great.

    May your wealth grow with you.


  14. Hi Paul, great looking site. Is it “easy” to set up a site like this. I particularly like people being able to comment on posts etc.

    Cheers and happy new year from a long in the tooth internet marketer (full time since 2001). It’s a great journey!


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