Why I Never Bother to Tell People What I do

I often get the question β€œso Paul what do you do?”

99% of the time when I talk about selling digital products, websites, membership sites, buying traffic and conversions etc people never understand or have any clue what I’m talking about.

Watch this video below..

This is how it probably sounds every time I tell someone what I do online.. pmsl

(I have absolutely no idea what this guy is talking about) lol

Please leave a comment below and tell me how much this makes sense to you πŸ™‚


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  1. John Bayley says:

    He may have a great speaking voice, good pronunciation and a mind to learn all those ‘words’ verbatim.
    His content was worthless and included English words from who knows what dictionary. It was a well presented hoax. How he kept a straight face, is beyond me.

    • Paul Nicholls says:

      Ha ha, I know John, I wonder how many takes it took for him not to laugh

      I’m pretty sure some of those words are non-existent as well

      What the hell is a girdle spring or marzal veins ha


  2. This presentation was hysterical. He did a great job. No, I do not want to buy. I just tell people I am involved in digital marketing. They have to figure it out from there.

  3. Dean McDonald says:

    Re video:
    I used to do photographic work for Rockwell Goss, photographing their printing press lines.

    Remember when people read newspapers! My sons 18, and over Christmas, he said “whats a nwzpaper ” I guess my homemade Christmas crackers went above him in the CLOUD! he he

  4. I get it. I never know what to say. So now I just say I make it rain.

  5. His copious assertion is far too sagacious for my diminutive comprehension.

  6. yeah mate,doesnt make any sense to me,im just learning one method in your profit 7 programe,simple that my 7 yr old can follow,thats all my brain can handle at the moment,theres so much shiney objects out there most fobs(fresh off the boat) like myself find it overwhelming,i get a about a million emails a month hahaha!!!what the spam is going on here hahahha!!!

  7. I’m definitely not buying without a demonstration! He talks a good game, but without showing me that it works, I’M OUT!!! And I’m not talking about that short show of him starting the Lotus’o’deltoid … not impressed bro.! I’m surprised at you Paul, of all the Marketers I know, are trying to sell this as an affiliate.


  8. Al Morgan says:

    Who cares what he’s saying? He’s got a great speaking voice and really knows how to tell stories with his hands. The only thing missing is the link to buy. That thing is a must have!

  9. Renata Sekula says:

    Fantastic video introduction for very small group of listeners. Definitively not me πŸ™‚

  10. That’s funny.

  11. Patricia Costall says:

    None, Paul. Guess it wasn’t meant for our ears!! But it’s very funny, nevertheless!!!

  12. This is Great!! LMAO! If you can listen ABOVE the words it makes much more sense! Almost like when I told my Gf from Switzerland that I could not understand her ENGLISH! It’s ALL THERE! You just have to listen with another aspect or part of your brain!

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